Brian Medlin & The Elk Band

by Brian Medlin

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released December 12, 2012

"Brian Medlin & The Elk Band" was recorded, mixed & mastered by Andrew Torre
All songs written by Brian Medlin & The Elk Band
Layout & design by Brian Phillips

The Elk Band is:
Andrew Torre- drums, percussion
Vincent John- piano, vocals, bass
Nick Margiotta- electric & acoustic guitars, vocals
Nate Vaeth- Hammond B2 organ, reed organ
Charlie Schneider- bass
Brian Medlin- vocals, acoustic guitar, ukulele, percussion

Special thanks to all the members of The Elk Band for their time & talent.



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Brian Medlin Ardmore, Pennsylvania

Singer/songwriter from Philadelphia. See also: Legendary Divorce, Ghost Away, Wives, Person L.

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Track Name: Ghost Called Love
"Ghost Called Love (The Universal Truth)"

For everything, everywhere, forever, for everyone
It rises and it falls and you feel it like the sun
Sometimes I go to it, and other times I turn around and run
But you can't ever hide from a ghost called love

Sometimes it's a burden and then sometimes it's a gift
It keeps you in the center when your whole life changes shift
I've heard it all before, it comes to you only if you believe in it
And you won't ever lose that ghost called love

A ghost called love
I'll always have that ghost called love
A ghost called love
And I've always had that ghost called love

I hold on, oh so tight, I lose my grip, it gets away
It soars up high, as high as birds, and crashes hard like waves
And whether it is bright or it is dull, you feel it just the same
It's running through us all, a ghost called love


It's a part of every living thing, it's a part of you and me
Like taking a great big leap of faith, it's a giant mystery
it moves just like a brush fire, blood, and light, it's elementary
Yet no one seems to know that ghost called love

Track Name: Put It On
"Put It On (Lay My Soul to Waste)"

Put it on
Make it mine, make it right
Tell me now, I should know
Put it on
Like it's been all along
It's always been this well known
Put it on
Let me hang, let me rot
Leave me if you had found out
Put it on
Don't water it down
I just want to make my own

Put it on
Don't pretend anymore
I need the real thing for sure
Put it on
Just be there for me
Fold me up, turn me green
Put it on
Lay my soul to waste
My body is for you to take
Put it on
It gets hard to believe
A silver tongue with ivory teeth
Track Name: Steady My Love
"Steady My Love (Show Your Feathers)"

Steady my love
I'll come back someday
I promise I'll stay forever
Steady my love
I'll make you my home
You won't feel alone

All of my love
It calls for me, it knows where I wanna be
All of my love
It's calling out your name, and it's always been the same

Steady my love
I promise I'll change
It won't be this way forever
Steady my love
The wishes I saved
I'll wish them away


Steady my love
I'll come back someday
I promise I'll stay
Track Name: Beacon of Light
"Beacon of Light (In Darkness)"

There is a beacon of light
And it's shining, it's shining from you
If ever I should lose my sight
I can always find you

All the good and the love
All that you are holding on to
If you don't feel strong enough
I can always hold you
Track Name: Living Tribute
"Living Tribute (It's You)"

Filled to the brim, it comes pouring out
I'm holding it in
I wanna touch what you taste
I wanna breathe in your air
And eat off your plate

I count the hours of your days
I keep the things you throw away
For you, I'm a living tribute
I hold your name up in the sky
I'll wait until the river's dry
My whole life, a living tribute

I fly with you, I am hanging on
You cushion my fall
You wrap 'round me, you melt my heart
You're all the pieces that make me up
It's you, it's you, it's you
And always been you


My whole life is a living tribute
Track Name: Sink Or Swim
"Sink or Swim (All the Fish in the Sea)"

I am, I'm casting out in the sea
I am, I'm making her come for me

I'm learning exactly how
'Cause I throw them all back in
To see if they float or drown
To see if they sink or swim

I don't, I don't want an easy catch
I want, I want a perfect match

I'm learning exactly how
'Cause I throw them all back in
To see if they float or drown
To see if they sink or swim
Track Name: Best You Can Do
"Best You Can Do (Salt of the Earth)"

The salt in the wound, salt of the earth
The king is in his tomb since birth
You don't wanna rock the boat, so you leave

The mind, it gets hot, sometimes you burn
The body, you will find out, sometimes can learn
You don't finish what you start, so you leave

Show me your best, the best that you can do

You ask, "Where'd I go wrong?", I'll take you there
Home, an old sweet song I hate to share
You don't always know what's right, so you leave

Show me your best, the best that you can do
Track Name: Loveless
"Loveless (Stale)"

Well, we worked and we tried
But we just don't fit
I got bored and we got stale
You're in the clouds and it grew old
You love more when I love less

I could see it coming
I'm in trouble before we got there
So I stopped halfway
It's all I know to do
Now I'll make up my bed
I'll sleep nice tonight
And I'll go down with the taste

Well, we worked and we tried
But we just don't fit
You love more when I love less
Track Name: Making a Change
"Making a Change (Amber's Song)"

Baby, don't worry
Everything's gonna be ok
Baby, don't you cry
Just talk with me

I know it's hard, hard, hard
Making a change
Track Name: Last Domino
"Last Domino (Greener Grass)"

At flood gates and the place
Down at the bottom of the space
Of the pit of my heart
Where I found it all
With a flick of the wrist
And the flip of a coin, you almost missed
Them coming to save
A poor old wretch like me

This time I know, the last domino will fall
Just like your melody
You're all I need

Getting wet and upset
The one you want and the one you met
They're never the same
But you know they could be
Greener grass, you'll always find
Just like pieces of quartz in a diamond mine
Why wait for what's better
When you have the best?