Ghost Called Love

from by Brian Medlin



Ghost Called Love (The Universal Truth)

For everything, everywhere, forever, for everyone
It rises and it falls and you feel it like the sun
Sometimes I go to it, and other times I turn around and run
But you can't ever hide from a ghost called love

Sometimes it's a burden and then sometimes it's a gift
It keeps you in the center when your whole life changes shift
I've heard it all before, it comes to you only if you believe in it
And you won't ever lose that ghost called love

A ghost called love
I'll always have that ghost called love
A ghost called love
And I've always had that ghost called love

I hold on, oh so tight, I lose my grip, it gets away
It soars up high, as high as birds, and crashes hard like waves
And whether it is bright or it is dull, you feel it just the same
It's running through us all, a ghost called love


It's a part of every living thing, it's a part of you and me
Like taking a great big leap of faith, it's a giant mystery
it moves just like a brush fire, blood, and light, it's elementary
Yet no one seems to know that ghost called love



from Brian Medlin & The Elk Band, released December 12, 2012



all rights reserved


Brian Medlin Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Singer/songwriter from Philadelphia. See also: Legendary Divorce, Ghost Away, Wives, Person L.

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